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Credit: francois | Flickr
France: Religion as a Threat to the Republic
If you remember anything you learned about the French Revolution -- anything that doesn’t involve cake -- it’s probably the famous three-word motto: liberty, equality, fraternity. For more than 200 years, those ideals have served as the pillars of the French Republic. While the  staunchly secular government officially recognizes all faiths as equal, it puts strict limits in those religions is sees as a threat to national identity. 

We begin our journey to France with a look at Scientology, Jehova's Witnesses and other religions the government classifies as dangerous "cults." Reporter Gerry Hadden brings us the story. Thanks to producers Jocelyn Frank and Jonathan Miller.
John Bowen, professor of sociocultural anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis
Nacira Guénif-Souilamas, professor of sociology at the University of Paris

The photos below are from our story on cults in France, all taken by Gerry Haden.

Credit: J Elon Goodman
France: In the Studio with Stephane Wrembel
We end our journey to France with a truly special treat - our own private concert with the French-American guitar virtuoso, Stephane Wrembel. Wrembel is a spiritual seeker, preferring to explore many paths over one particular faith. If he does approach religion in some way, it’s through making music - he thinks of the creative process as a mystical journey. He tells us, "This is what I hope for my audience: to bring people with me in an awakened dream, in a state of dreaming." 

We weren't able to include his full live performance in our radio broadcast, so please enjoy his complete songs below. 

Stephane Wremble, jazz guitarist. His new album is called Dreamers of Dreams.