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The Roots of Fear
November 01, 2018
One of the most misunderstood religious groups in America are the followers of Islam.  Since 2002 we have sought to  better understand the nuances and diversity within this religious communty that traces its origins in the United States back to the nation's founding.   In this curated collection, you will find links to segments that explore everything from "Islam 101" to the profiles...
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April 17, 2017
Meet chaplains: men and women of different faith traditions who are trained to guide and comfort people of any faith, or people who aren't religious at all. They step in at these moments when life comes into sharp focus, in hospitals, prisons...even on the battlefield. In this special series supported by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, we follow seven chaplains on their daily rounds, in locations...
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Nuns Now
November 04, 2016
If you're listening to the show right now, you are listening to a nun--our own Maureen Fiedler has been a Catholic nun since 1962. In Nuns Now we'll meet five nuns from very different backgrounds, including a cloistered nun who spends her day in quiet prayer, and a globetrotting activist whose work has taken her to scruffy border towns and even into police custody. ...
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Escaping Religion
September 18, 2016
First-person accounts of 6 people who grew up inside insular religious groups, who decided to leave. Despite their very different backgrounds, their stories have a lot in common: A conviction that they were keepers of secret knowledge. A set of rules that gave them structure, purpose and a clear moral compass. And a strong, often suffocating, bond with their family. ...
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Faith Factor
March 29, 2016
Does a presidential candidate’s religion matter? According to recent findings from Pew Research Center, it absolutely does. 51% of Americans still say they would be less likely to vote for an atheist – and two-thirds of Republicans say that it is important that a candidate share his or her religious beliefs. In our Faith Factor series, we discuss the religious lives of 2016 presidential candidates an...
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The Soundscapes of Faith
November 14, 2014
Our award-winning celebration of sacred sound, based on the idea that every faith tradition has its own sonic signature--from the murmur of a Buddhist mantra to the hum of the Hindu om.
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World Religions 101
August 14, 2014
Stephen Prothero gives us a crash course on eight of the world's spiritual traditions—what they believe, where they come from, and how they’re different from each other. Each segment poses two basic questions: what is the problem that religion defines as central in the world, and what is the solution? ...
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God and Government
October 01, 2013
Every government on earth has its own approach to religion. Some see it as a partner, others see it as a threat. Some choose official faiths, others scorn that idea. We'll go to 14 nations around the world, meeting people whose lives have been shaped by the ways their countries balance religion and state. Our series producers are Jocelyn Frank and Jonathan Miller, and our content consultant is Elizabeth Shakma...
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Modern-Day Mystics
July 09, 2013
Philosopher William James was famous for his early twentieth century definition of mystical experiences. But what do they like look like today, on the individual level? Meet five different people with five different answers to that question.
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Credit: creative commons | Ludovic Bertron
Gay in the Eyes of God
May 23, 2013
Weaving personal stories with interpretations of scripture, we explore how America’s major faith traditions are grappling with acceptance of the LGBT community. Click the 'listen' button above to hear the series as an hour-long special. For station managers: our special is also available through PRX and Content Depot....
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