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Uganda: The Anti-Gay Law Debate
Uganda is considering a law that won’t just criminalize being gay--it will require citizens to report the names of anyone they suspect of homosexual activity. Among the bill’s most active supporters are Christian churches, which are deeply woven into the social and political fabric of Ugandan society. We begin in the capital city of Kampala, where the debate has led citizens to think about just how much their government should be legislating morality. Kimberly Adams reports.

Joshua Rubongoya, professor of political science at Roanoke College
Jason Bruner, assistant professor of global Christianity at Arizona State University 
Uganda: James Makubuya, Reclaiming the Adungu
Musician James Makubuya grew up in Uganda as a devout Catholic. Though he was encouraged to study Western musical instruments, he insisted on learning traditional African harps and drums, and when got older, he pushed to integrate traditional instruments into Catholic services. He sat down in the studio with one of his favorite instruments--a harp called an Adungu--to play some sacred songs.

James Makubuya, ethnomusicologist at Wabash College

Enjoy all the songs James played for us in the studio: