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Karl-Ludwig Poggemann | Flickr
Islam's PR Problem, Two Perspectives on Halloween, and More
October 22, 2014
Polls show that the American public views Muslims more unfavorably than in the months following 9/11, but that statistic doesn't say it all. 
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Credit:  Bob Jagendorf | flickr
Hate Crimes in Amish Country, A Buddhist Solution to Drug Addiction, and More
October 15, 2014
Inside a series of strange nights in 2011, when a radical group of Amish men and women forcibly shaved the beards of their fathers and friends.  
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bm.iphone | Flickr
Remarriage in the Catholic Church, Faith Behind Bars, and More
October 06, 2014
Summary: Loosening the rules on one of the most unpopular teachings in the Catholic Church; a prison chaplain explains how he sorts out the deceivers from the true believers, and the final installment of World Religions 101.
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U.S. Government Archives | Flickr
Faith at Camp David, A Religious Case for Debt Forgiveness, and More
October 03, 2014
Summary: How religious destiny drove the Camp David peace talks, a hard look at debt repayment after Argentina's near-bankruptcy, and World Religions 101: Taoism
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