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Credit: takomabibelot | Flickr
Evangelicals and Immigration Reform, When Piety Becomes Pathology, and More
July 17, 2014
All eyes are on America's broken immigration system after a surge of young people crossed the border. Now immigration reform has an unlikely ally: Evangelical Christians.
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Credit: Courtesy Hilary and Celestine Ranney-Howes
Gay in the Eyes of God
July 10, 2014
Summary: Open any Torah, Bible or Koran, and the passages about homosexuality seem clear: being gay is an abomination. But these strict interpretations are changing. 
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Credit: Courtesy of Joshua Safran
My Mother the Witch, Family Secrets in Pilgrim's Wilderness, and More
July 03, 2014
Summary: two memoirs of unsual childhoods. First we meet a Wiccan love child who rebelled against his mother by becoming an Orthodox Jew. Then, the tale of the hellish, isolated world of the pious Pilgrim Family.
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