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Why Corruption Breeds Religious Extremism and a Prayer for a Fragile Planet
November 24, 2015
Bribes in exchange for drivers licenses. Sex in exchange for fair trials. Why corruption--the misuse of public office for personal gain--rouses religious extremism.
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Where is God During Terror Attacks? Two Rabbis on Religious Violence
November 19, 2015
In the anxious, early days after the Paris terror attacks, the former Chief Rabbi of Britain talks about violence in the name of God. And the author of 'When Bad Things Happen to Good People' on the 'why me?' problem.
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A Theology of Guns? And Martin Luther's Radical Christianity
November 12, 2015
When is it morally justified to take the life of another human being? Two pastors explore what it means to be "pro-life" in the gun control debate. And the inner life of Martin Luther, 500 years after the Protestant Reformation.
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Reconceiving Infertility: A New View of Childlessness in the Bible
November 05, 2015
The Bible tells us to "be fruitful and multiply." But what if you can't? Two scholars offer a new perspective on the Bible's passages about barren women. And the Pentagon's secret scheme to turn Christian missionaries into government spies.
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