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The First Muslim in Congress, Marketing Shamanism, and More
October 29, 2014
When Rep. Keith Ellison was nominated for Congress, the first question at his press conference wasn't about taxes or foreign policy. It was, 'Aren't you a Muslim?'
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Karl-Ludwig Poggemann | Flickr
Islam's PR Problem, Why Christians Oppose Halloween, And More
October 22, 2014
Summary: How to solve the worst Muslim backlash since 9/11, the role of evangelicals in the midterm elections, and a Wiccan and Christian perspective on Halloween’s dark side.
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Credit:  Bob Jagendorf | flickr
Hate Crimes in Amish Country, A Buddhist Solution to Drug Addiction, and More
October 15, 2014
Summary: the Bergholz Barbers, 16 Amish men and women who refused to 'turn the other cheek'; a Buddhist alternative to the 12-step program; and a new album of ancient Sufi chants and prayers.  
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bm.iphone | Flickr
Remarriage in the Catholic Church, Faith Behind Bars, and More
October 06, 2014
Summary: Loosening the rules on one of the most unpopular teachings in the Catholic Church; a prison chaplain explains how he sorts out the deceivers from the true believers, and the final installment of World Religions 101.
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U.S. Government Archives | Flickr
Faith at Camp David, A Religious Case for Debt Forgiveness, and More
October 03, 2014
Summary: How religious destiny drove the Camp David peace talks, a hard look at debt repayment after Argentina's near-bankruptcy, and World Religions 101: Taoism.
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