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Jesi Kelley | Noxie Studio
Marching Against Climate Change, the Vicar of Baghdad, and More
September 26, 2014
One parade float stood out at last weekend's climate march in New York: a huge replica of Noah's Ark, a Biblical symbol of hope in the face of climate catastrophe.
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W. | Wikimedia Commons
The Dalai Lama vs. China, World Religions 101: Yoruba, and More
September 19, 2014
Summary: The Dalai Lama and the politics of reincarnation, in the studio with a virtuoso shofar player, and the African Yoruba tradition.
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Underlying Ik | Wikimedia Commons
Why ISIS Declared a Caliphate, World Religions 101: Christianity, and More
September 11, 2014
Summary: Why declaring a caliphate is a savvy propaganda move for the so-called Islamic State, and master explainer Stephen Prothero defines Christianity.
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Courtesy of Donna Johnson
Holy Ghost Girl, The Spirituality of Old Age, and More
September 04, 2014
Summary: Donna Johnson's memoir of being raised a Terrellite, following the cultish Pentecostal preacher, Brother Daivd Terrel. And a geriatric psychiatrist explores the spirital meaning of reaching an old age.
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