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Sam Harris and Deepak Chopra, Spiritual Archrivals
July 30, 2015
It's two of our most popular interviews from 2015: Sam Harris and Deepak Chopra, the miliant atheist and the new age mystic, side by side in one show.
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God and Government: Uganda Edition and Inside a Lakota Sweat Lodge
July 17, 2015
We travel to Uganda, where many Christians view homosexuality as a sinful Western import. And our senior producer attempts to enter a sweat lodge, but isn't sure about spending 2 hours in a 100-degree homemade cave.
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What Bends the Moral Arc, Religion or Science? And the Hasidic Soulsters of Zusha
July 10, 2015
Arch-skeptic Michael Shermer on the secular roots of moral progress. An ex-Hasid on losing faith and leaving Orthodoxy. And we're in the studio with the soulful Hasidic melodies of Zusha.
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The Religious Divide Over Same-Sex Marriage
July 02, 2015
Summary: Two views on the decision to legalize same sex marriage nationwide. An Orthodox Rabbi explains why he believes homosexuality is a "serious sin."  And the stories of four gay Orthodox Jews, struggling to stay devoted to a faith that doesn't seem to want them.
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