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Will Marlow at Flickr
Faith on the Fourth
June 28, 2016
July Fourth isn’t just about hotdogs and fireworks. It’s an American high holy day. We hear how patriotic customs play a role similar to religious ritual.
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Credit: Public Domain
Moving Towards the Light: Stories of Near Death Experiences
June 23, 2016
Can the mind survive the death of the brain? A skeptic and a believer debate the meaning of close encounters at the edge of death.
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Charles Roffey
What's So Radical About Saying "Radical Islam," Plus Being Queer and Muslim
June 16, 2016
We take stock of the political spat over the phrase "radical Islam," and speak with a documentary filmmaker who values both his LGBTQ and Muslim identities. 
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Flickr - Marlo
Remembering Muhammad Ali Outside the Boxing Ring
June 09, 2016
We examine how Muhammad Ali's religious convictions lead him into controversial friendships, political minefields, and a tour of Muslim countries in Africa. Plus, Muhammad Ali as an interfaith diplomat.
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Day Donaldson - Flickr
Losing a Child to Extremism, Stopping Others
June 02, 2016
A mother shares the story of how her son was radicalized and joined ISIS, and experts share their thoughts on how to counter recruitment efforts by terror groups.
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