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Courtesy the Darger family
Joseph Smith's 40 Wives, Life in a Plural Marriage, and More
November 20, 2014
Two stories on the legacy of polygamy in the Mormon Church. First: why the church is admitting that founder Joseph Smith had up to 40 wives. And we meet a Utah family of 27.
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God & Government: Thailand Edition, Introducing Atheism to Kids, and More
November 13, 2014
Summary: Why Thailand's new military government is trying to clean up the Buddhist monkhood, Gene Weingarten's new children’s book on atheism, and The Soundscapes of Faith: Judaism.
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The Myth of Religious Violence, Stargazing at the Vatican, and More
November 05, 2014
Summary: Karen Armstrong examines the knotted history of religion and violence, and a conversation with the Jesuit priests who run the Vatican's observatory.
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