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Credit: Ayin leZion | wikimedia commons
Two Views on the Founding of Israel, Understanding Yazidis, and More
August 22, 2014
In 1948, the state of Israel created a homeland for Jews around the world. It also set in motion what is perhaps the most stubborn political conflict in the world today.
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Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Imagining God's Personality, Jews on Vinyl, and More
August 12, 2014
Summary: How you envision God's "personality" can predict your views on politics, science, love and more. Plus, an audio tour through Jewish ephemera, and World Religions 101: Judaism.
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Credit: Alex Lin
America's Obsession with Mindfulness, An Introduction to Islam, and More
August 08, 2014
Summary: How mindfulness meditation became a universal cure-all for the ills of the middle class. Plus, part one of our 2010 series on the key insights of eight world religions. This week: Islam.
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Credit: Rob Vincent | Wikimedia Commons
Remembering Reporter and Priestess Margot Adler, Fighting Extreme Poverty, and More
August 01, 2014
Summary: Our 2008 interview with Margot Adler, who died on July 28th. Also: a Wiccan priestess and historian of modern paganism reflect on her legacy, and the head of the USAID on feeding the world's poorest of the poor.
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