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Flowering San Pedro cactus. Photograph by Micah MacAllen via flckr. Shared under a Creativ Commons, By Attribution license.
Plant Time: Inside a Psychedelic Church (encoure)
April 11, 2024
Psychedelic congregations like Sacred Garden are one of the fastest-growing faith communities in the U.S. and beyond.
Sacred Garden Community Church logo.
The Church of "Least Dogma" (encore) April 11, 2024
Bob Otis is the founding pastor of Sacred Garden Community Church. He outlines its core beliefs, its practices, and the somewhat long path to membership. Then Don Lattin, author of “God on Psychedelics,” describes how worship communities based on psychedelic plants are popping up from Massachusetts to Washington State and what these have in common with the psychedelic scene of the 1960s.

Bob Otis, Chief Garden Steward for Sacred Garden Community Church. Founding Chairperson of Decriminalize Nature Oakland and Steering Committee member of the Sacred Plant Alliance.

Don Lattin, Award-winning journalist and the author most recently of God on Psychedelics: Tripping Across the Rubble of Old-time Religion.

Don Lattin

Don Lattin

God On Psychedelics
Apocryphile Press
Pastor Bob Otis of Sacred Garden Church.
"What IS This"? On the Mystery of Being. (encore) April 11, 2024
Pastor Bob Otis describes his own personal faith journey that brought him from a Christian home in Tennessee to a psychedelic church in Berkeley. And he tackles whether the use of ayahuasca, peyote, mescaline, and psilocybin mushrooms is a form of cultural appropriation.

Chief Phillip Scott is a teacher of indigenous medicine. He has consulted with Sacred Garden Community Church on their use of what he calls “sacred plants” and discusses the fine line between respectful use and cultural appropriation.

Chief Phillip Scott,

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