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April 17, 2017
Meet chaplains: men and women of different faith traditions who are trained to guide and comfort people of any faith, or people who aren't religious at all. They step in at these moments when life comes into sharp focus, in hospitals, prisons...even on the battlefield. In this special series supported by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, we follow seven chaplains on their daily rounds, in locations ranging from a trauma care center to a Buddhist retreat. 
Chaplains Part I: Spiritual Health at a Senior Care Facility
We kick off our "Chaplains" series at a senior care facility where Oksana Chapman helps Russian-speaking residents to fan the embers of a spiritual life. To listen to individual segments, click here.
Chaplains Part II: Resilience and Retreat
We tag along with a Buddhist monk Koshin Paley Ellison in New York City, doing 'the Zen thing' with hospice patients, doctors and nurses. To listen to individual segments, click here.
Chaplains Part III: Deep Breaths in the Trauma Room
Stephanie Hamilton works in an emergency room, where she gives families room to process tragedy, and maybe even find a silver lining. To listen to individual segments, click here.
Greg Epstein
Chaplains Part IV: Humanism at Harvard
Greg Epstein is a rarity among chaplains... he’s not actually religious at all. He’s a humanist. We drop into his routine at Harvard University. To listen to individual segments, click here.
Chaplains Part V: A Muslim Officer on a Military Base
Rafael Lantigua became a Muslim the same day he joined the military. Today, he's a captain, a chaplain, and a master interpreter between troops who might not know much about Islam, and the men and women who share his faith. To listen to individual segments, click here.