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Catherine Roberts
Why the Hottest Word in Religion is 'Shaman' October 29, 2014
Shamanism--the ancient art of healing by entering an altered state of consciousness--has become a powerful spiritual buzzword. There are workshops, therapy sessions, seminars, and $2,000 shamanic healing trips to the Amazon. You can diet with the Shamanic Juice Fast, wear shaman-chic couture or join a Meetup group like "Tribe of Beltway Shamans." Two experts from the South American shamanic tradition join us to explain what Shamanism is--and isn't--and why it's enjoying a cultural revival. â€‹From March 2014.

Pictured: Don Oscar, in our studio with a ceremonial medicine piece called an arte.

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, author of Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life
Stephan Beyer, author of Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon