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Tyler Norris. Courtesy Tyler Norris
The critical role of faith communities and belief in wellness and trauma recovery February 13, 2021
The leader of a philanthropy dedicated to advancing mental and spiritual health is calling on the Biden Administration to address the growing mental health crisis in America.  14 national organizations representing health care providers, professional guilds, advocates, and patients are calling on state, local and federal leadership to combat the growing gaps in mental health coverage and access impacting vulnerable residents.  

A key priority for Well Being Trust CEO Tyler Norris, MDiv, is engaging faith communities.  Norris details the core principles of the campaign along with the priorities that would guide a national response to the growing numbers of Americans struggling with grief, anxiety, depression, substance misuse, and suicide.  Norris discusses the essential role of faith and faith communities in supporting human flourishing and calls for greater engagement and collaboration.

Tyler Norris. CEO of the Well Being Trust, He earned his M.Div from Naropa University and his bachelor’s degree in World Political Economy from Colorado College.