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Protest sign. Creative Commons image via Ma. Magazine
Reject the ideology of nationalism and Repent the sins of racism March 28, 2021

In early 2020, Dr. Michelle Ami Reyes of Austin, Texas, and Raymond Chang of Chicago, Illinois met online out of concern that anti-Asian racism was being inspired by white nationalism and former President Trump.  A few months later they formed a volunteer network for Asian-American Christians to coordinate efforts, share resources, and educational materials, and generate awareness.  In the wake of the massacre in Atlanta on March 16th, the group issued a statement calling for Christian leaders to repent and work to combat racism.  On March 28th, Palm Sunday the network is organizing a series of vigils at houses of worship in several cities at 4:00 PM EST to remember those killed.

Michelle Reyes, Ph.D. Vice President of the Asian American Christian Collaborative. Scholar-in-Residence at Hope Community Church, a minority-led multicultural church in East Austin, Texas.

Pastor Raymond Chang is the president of the Asian American Christian Collaborative, a pastor, and a writer. He regularly preaches God’s Word and speaks throughout the country on issues pertaining to Christianity and culture, race, and faith.

Michelle Reyes. Image courtesy APCC

Michelle Reyes
courtesy APCC

Raymond Chang. Image courtesy APCC

Raymond Chang
courtesy APCC