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Glynn Washington | Snap Judgement
Glynn Washington: Learning the Craft of Storytelling from an Apocalyptic 'Cult' November 30, 2017
When a preacher says the world is going to end next week ... and it doesn’t ... there’s only one way to keep people believing: tell them a good story. And that’s what Glynn Washington, public radio’s master storyteller, learned from the Worldwide Church of God, an insular religious group where he spent his formative years. He now calls it a “cult.”  Today, Washington's show airs on more than 300 stations around the country.  He spoke to us in 2015.

The World 
Wide Church of God changed its name in 2009 and says it now embraces a more traditional form of Christianity.

Glynn Washington, Creator and Host of Snap Judgment. Glynn is also the host of the new podcast about the titular cult, Heaven's Gate, where he delves deeper into his own upbringing.