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The New Longevity. Courtesy Ashoka
The New Longevity - Living Longer, Living Spiritually (encore)
March 28, 2024
Doctors, educators, social scientists, and others are increasingly focusing on "the new longevity" -- expanding the quality of our increasingly lengthy lifetimes.
Carolina Nieto. Photo courtesy Ashoka
A Council of Elders (encore) March 30, 2024
Carolina Nieto started working for the non-profit Ashoka at the age of 62. Now she is the director of its Mexican, Central American, and Caribbean office. Just this year, she and Ashoka established a “council of elders” drawn from Spanish speakers across Latin America, hoping to tap into its members' wisdom, patience, and spirituality.

Carolina Nieto, Country Director for Ashoka México, Centroamérica y el Caribe. ,

Lynsey Farrell. Photo courtesy of Boston University
“Grandmothers Are the Glue.” (encore) March 28, 2024
Cultural anthropologist Lynsey Farrell co-founder of The Grandmother Collective is building community by connecting older women with adolescent girls. They've helped establish grandmother-led programming in public schools; trained grandmothers to combat the "brain drain" in rural areas; and crafted a toolkit for grandmothers who want to initiate change in their communities worldwide.

Dr. Lynsey Farrell, Ph.D., Co-founder and Executive Director of the Grandmother Collective. Over the last two decades, her work has focused on the intersections of youth, international development, urbanization, and informality in sub-Saharan Africa.

Connie Zwieg
“From Role to Soul” (encore) March 28, 2024
Dr. Connie Zweig, a retired therapist in her 70s, is the author of multiple books on spiritual wellness. She discusses why spirituality -- however it may be defined -- is crucial to a fulfilling old age.

Dr. Conne Zweig, Ph.D., Retired therapist, writer, climate reality leader, and citizens climate lobbyist.

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