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Salmon swimming up river. Photo credit: Marvina Munch/USFWS. Used under a Creativ Commons By Attribution Non-Commercial license.
The Sacred Obligation of the Salmon People
May 18, 2023
Episode five of "A Prayer for Salmon," and an Elder of the Lummi Nation uses indigenous storytelling to educate the world about the sacred obligation to protect the water.
Berkeley, CA — Chief Caleen Sisk (Winnemem Wintu), Wounded Knee DeOcampo (Miwok), Corrina Gould (Confederated Villages of Lisjan) and Pua Case (Native Hawaiian) lead a protest in the Bay Area. Run4Salmon organizers Desir
The Run for Salmon May 18, 2023
In episode five of A Prayer for Salmon, the Winnemem Wintu and supporters start a two-week Run4Salmon prayer to call salmon back to the waters above Shasta Dam. The Run follows the salmon’s migration path from the ocean to the mountains. It starts in the Bay Area where the Winnemem Wintu and supporters encounter environmental devastation first set in motion 200 years ago.

All of the episodes of A Prayer for Salmon can be found on The Spiritual Edge website.
Lummi Elder Darrell Hillaire. Phot by Beau Garreau courtesy Setting Sun productions
“Keep My Fires Burning” May 18, 2023
At 69 years young, Lummi nation member Darrell Hillaire from Bellingham, Washington is on a mission:  amplify native indigenous storytelling using technology to educate and inspire actions to protect water ecosystems for future generations.  At the heart of his work is a desire to impart young people with community and connection to the ancient wisdoms and foster leadership.  Through documentary storytelling, outreach events, and public conversations, Hillaire discovered a shared interest among other tribal nations to join in collective efforts to press for change - together they are known as the Salmon People.

Darrell Hillaire, Lummi Nation elder, grandfather of nine, founder of Children of the Setting Sun Production

Frank Hillaire and the Children of The Setting Sun Dance Group - circa 1930 Courtesy Setting Sun Productions

Frank Hillaire, and the
Children of The Setting Sun Dance Group - circa 1930
Children of Setting Sun Productions

This week's closing music, New Hope, by Audiobinger,
and River Flute
by Kevin MacLeod/Incompetech
both used under a Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0 license.

Additional music by Blue Dot Session.