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Togetherness in the Digital Age
July 20, 2023
Three faith innovators are using the web in new ways to reach curious but disillusioned spiritual seekers around the world.
Mentor Dida
Changemakers: Inspiring Albanian Youth July 20, 2023
Mentor Dida was an 8-year-old boy when the Balkan War came to his hometown in Kosovo. A chance encounter with a volunteer aid worker in a refugee camp set the course of the rest of Dida’s life, leading directly to his founding of Changemakers, an Albanian-language website for exploring spiritual questions beyond religious boundaries.

Danelle Goldstone
InnoFaith: Crossing Interfaith Lines July 20, 2023
The online space InnoFaith works to transcend religious boundaries by building service-based community programs to foster mutual understanding and empowerment. Founder Danielle Goldstone shares her vision of how humanity can thrive by harnessing shared values drawn from diverse perspectives.

Danelle Goldstone, Founder of InnoFaith,
Casper ter Kuile, Photo copyright Myles Austin
“The Nearness” July 20, 2023
Many Americans feel disillusioned with formalized religious institutions, yet their hunger for spiritual comfort remains. Enter, the Nearness, a year-old online space where people of all faiths and no faith can talk over the “big questions.” Nearness co-founder Casper ter Kuile talks about the importance of dedicated, judgment-free spaces for spiritual curiosity, and his own spiritual journey from atheism to Harvard Divinity School and beyond.

Casper ter Kuile, Author of The Power of Ritual, the co-founder of The Nearness, Sacred Design Lab, and the podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.

The Power of Ritual

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