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From Fear and Hate to Redemption: "Stranger at the Gate" (encore)
January 26, 2023
We talk to filmmaker Joshua Seftel to learn about his Academy Award-nominated film "Stranger at the Gate" and the backstory that lead him to make it.
From Fear and Hate to Redemption: "Stranger at the Gate" (encore) January 26, 2023
Stranger at the Gate is a film nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary Short Subject category. It retells the harrowing story of what happened when an ex-Marine, Richard (Mac) McKinney, went to a Muncie, Indiana mosque with the intent of detonating a bomb. The film invites listeners to explore more significant questions and see the humanity in all people despite their intentions. Host Ambereen Khan talks to the filmmaker Joshua Seftel to learn more about his backstory and what drew him to make this film.  Seftel reflects on his upbringing in upstate New York, encountering anti-Semitism as a kid, and where his spiritual journey is heading.

Joshua Seftel. Emmy award-winning director. His work includes Lost and Found, Secret Life of Muslims, Enemy at the Gate, episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and This American Life. He is a member of the film production collective Smartypants.

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