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America’s Religious Story Continues to Evolve
February 16, 2023

We look at the struggles facing traditional religious institutions, their leaders, and their congregants, and how they are being addressed--from new churches that worship in the wild to the changing attitudes of young evangelicals.

Shenandoah Valley Church of the Wild February 16, 2023
Five years ago she left her church and found a more profound sense of connection and belonging outdoors.  Valerie Luna Serrels shares her journey and offers a glimpse at how members of her local Church of the Wild gather and find meaning.  

Valerie Luna Serrels, Created and leads monthly group gatherings of the human and non-human inhabitants of landscapes within the North River, Dry River, and Shenandoah River watersheds
“Reorganized Religion” (Encore) February 16, 2023
Bob Smietana is an award-winning religion reporter and editor whose new book Reorganized Religion takes a closer look at the state of the American church and the way congregations and their leaders are adapting, shifting, or resisting. In this conversation, he describes the struggles facing congregational leaders from those unable to persuade and engage new members, to the challenges of revisiting a church mission when the congregation dwindles or buildings sit empty.

Bob Smietana. National reporter for Religion News Service, covering evangelicals, and the changing religious landscape. He is the author of Reorganized Religion: The Reshaping of the American Church and Why it Matters.

Picture curtesy the Gospel Assembly Church-Mississauga Ontario, and shared under a Creative Commons By Attribution license.
“Generation Z is Not a Monolith” February 16, 2023
Springtide Research Institute’s former executive Josh Packard explains why data and survey research offers more nuance and insights into GenZ’s approach to values, meaning-making, and answering the big questions.  Then Kevin Singer of Springtide Research and Michael Wear of Public Square strategies discuss the civic and political implications from a new survey on the influencers and influences shaping young evangelicals.

Michael Wear, Chief strategist and executive team member for the AND Campaign. Funder of Public Square Strategies, a firm that helps religious organizations, political groups, businesses, and others effectively navigate rapidly changing American religious and political landscapes. Author of Reclaiming. Lessons learned in the Obama White House about the future of faith in America

Josh Packard, Executive director of Springtide Research Institute from July 2019 to December 2022. Author of Church Refugees: Sociologists reveal why people are DONE with church but not their faith

Kevin Singer, Head of media relations and public relations for Springtide Research Institute.

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