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Chief Caleen Sisk holding the Winnemem Wintu salmon baton in New Zealand. Photo: Richard Cosgrove
A Prayer for Salmon - Final Installment
August 24, 2023
Filled with anticipation and hope, the indigenous community hopes a rare sighting of a salmon in the creek is the answer to a century of prayers.
Shasta-Trinity National Forest, CA—The granddaughter of Chief Caleen Sisk holds salmon eggs before dropping them into an incubator (the blue barrel) where they will hatch and juvenile salmon will swim out into the McClou
A Prayer for Salmon - Final Installment August 24, 2023
The Winnemem Wintu board a plane bound for Christchurch, New Zealand. With the help of the Maori people, they hold a ceremony on the Rikkaia River in the Canterbury Plains in New Zealand's South Island, singing to the salmon there. Once back in the United States, Chief Caleen Sisk meets with every government agency she can to push the idea of bringing the New Zealand salmon back home.

Spurred by drought, the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service accelerates a plan to restore winter-run Chinook salmon to the McCloud River. Chief Caleen Sisk weighs whether to collaborate with federal officials. Salmon spotted on Dry Creek for the first time in 30 years are celebrated as an answer to the Winnemem Wintu’s #Run4Salmon prayer.

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This week's closing music, New Hope, by Audiobinger,
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Music by Blue Dot Session.