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Sister Dianna Ortiz
The Survival Story of Sister Dianna Ortiz and Lessons from the Herodian Dynast
November 13, 2021
A remembrance of the life of Sister Dianna Ortiz a survivor of torture who became a voice for victims. And the intrigue-filled exploits of Herod the Great and his family.
Sister Dianna Ortiz
On a Mission: The Nun who Survived Torture and Became a Global Advocate for Peace and Justice November 13, 2021
In 1989 Sister Dianna Ortiz survived torture in Guatemala and became a voice for victims. Independent producer Maria Martin offers this remembrance of the late Sister Ortiz, who survived torture in Guatemala during the 1980s. She went on to fight for human rights and to speak out about the use of torture globally. She did so until her death in February 2021, even while still suffering from the trauma of her experience.  This story was produced by The Spiritual Edge.
Maria Martin, Independent journalist based in Guatemala, and author of Crossing Borders, Building Bridges: A Journalist's Heart in Latin America.
Ruins of Harods Palace, Jerusalem. Photograph by Ron Dauphin and used under a Creative Commons, By Attribution, Non-comercial license. -123x108
Church and State: The Evolving Power and Legacy of the Herodian Dynasty November 13, 2021
Bard College Religious Studies professor Dr. Bruce Chilton chronicles the intrigue-filled dynastic exploits of Herod the Great and his family in The Herods: Murder, Politics, and the Art of Succession (Fortress Press, August 3, 2021). For those who enjoyed the intrigues of the Game of Thrones, Chilton brings to life a real-life tale of a family that began with the audacious founder, Antipater, who helped Julius Caesar to victory in Egypt, and embodied “the twin pillars of loyalty to Judaism and loyalty to Rome” that became the basis of Herodian rule through five generations.

The Herods, Chilton says, “were like a series of waves that rolled through the lands of territorial Israel, threatening what stood in their way….Whether a given Herodian ruler was cruel or generous, effective or useless, gifted or limited, their subjects could not ignore them. Yet those who study Judaism and Christianity today typically treat them as a matter of ‘background,’ when in fact the Herodians were in the foreground of political power."

Dr. Bruce Chilton, Ph.D, Scholar of early Christianity and Judaism, Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Religion at Bard College, former Rector of the Church of St John the Evangelist, and formerly Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament at Yale University. He holds a Ph.D. in New Testament from Cambridge University (St. John's College).

Murder, Politics, and the Art of Succession
Fortress Press

Web Extra: Full interview with Dr. Bruce Chilton November 13, 2021
Ambereen Khan's interview with Dr. Bruce Chilton contained a wealth of fascinating information. Far more than we could fit in this week's show. For all of the history geeks out there, here is their uncut interview.

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