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America Divided. Derived from an image by NTBscanpix-used under a Creativ Commons Non-Comercial  license.
A Domestic Terror Attack and the Faith Divides
January 09, 2021
We begin by discussing this week's domestic terror attack on the United States Capitol with religion reporter Jack Jenkins. Then we look at an emerging trend in the West, conservative Christians moving to Idaho.
Seditionist with Confederate Battle flag in the United States Capital. Image via ABC News.
Contrasting Responses from Faith Leaders January 09, 2021
We begin this week with Jack Jenkins, national reporter from the Religion News Service.  Jenkins describes the morning of January 6th as he covered religious clergy standing in solidarity as a new Black Lives Matter flag is unfurled at National City Christian Church; an event the Proud Boys attempted to disrupt. Jenkins also details the Trump supporters’ faith march organized before the Save America Rally and the starkly different messages coming from faith leaders in the wake of the attack and political violence at the Capitol.

Jack Jenkins. Award-winning journalist and national reporter covering religion and politics for the Religion News Service. He earned his B.A. from Presbyterian College and his Master of Divinity from Harvard University.
Cross and mask. Public domaine image
A Wave of Conservative Christians Heads to Idaho January 09, 2021
Tracy Simmons is the executive director of SpokaneFav and a journalism professor at Washington State University.  This week she brings us a conversation that puts a face to a growing trend taking place in the West. Conservative Christians seeking to avoid pandemic public health restrictions and life in blue states -- pack up and move to Idaho. We meet Pastor Dan Hegelund and his mother Evangelist Linda Meissner who relocated to Post Falls, Idaho while keeping a ministry in Spokane, the Jesus Coffee House. “It’s a great location, right in the middle of the devil’s headquarters,” she said.

Tracy Simmons Journalist and founder of SpokaneFāVS.

You can read Tracy's story that inspired this interview at Religion Unplugged.
Tracy Simmons. Image courtesy SpokaneFAVS
Leaving Your Comfort Zone Might Offer Answers in a World Divided January 09, 2021
Living in a bubble or echo chamber makes it easy to confirm bias but it doesn’t ensure critical thinking or facilitate building understanding.  Producer Tracy Simmons shares how she discovered Pastor Dan and why she believes more stories that humanize people we don’t understand is an important step in bridging divides.

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