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Rainbow Road by James Wheeler. Shared under a Creative Commons, Non-commercial , Share Alike license via flickr. via flickr
Finding Solace and Relief
June 26, 2020
Rev. Norma Gann. shares how she found clarity and comfort as a Two-Spirit person in the traditional beliefs of her Cherokee ancestors. Then we explore the effect of the recent Supreme Court decision on LGBTQ rights.
Rev. Norma Gann, courtesy Metropolitan Community Church of the Redwood Empire.
Spiritual Journeys: Two-Spirit Native American Rev. Norma Gann June 26, 2020
Growing up Southern Baptist in Odessa, Texas while struggling with gender identity was not easy for Rev. Norma Gann.  Today, the Metropolitan Community Church pastor presents as a Two-Spirited Native American but the journey took time.  In this episode, she shares the story of how she found clarity and comfort in the traditional belief system of her Cherokee ancestors.

Norma Gann, minister with the Metropolitan Community Church.
LGBTQ flag being waved in front of the Supreeme Court of the United States. Image licensed under Creative Commons by Ted Eytan, via flickr.
Landmark Ruling Signals Potential Battle Over Rights Coverage June 26, 2020
The Supreme Court’s decision that transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual employees are covered under federal anti-discrimination laws made headlines on June 15th.  In this segment, we hear the reactions from advocates on both sides and talk with Rachel Laser, president of Americans United for Separation of Church and State on the potential battles to come.

Then we talk with Robert Jones of the Public Religion Research Institute explains how the country’s attitudes have shifted on equality and human rights in the last 10 years.  And with election-year politics underway, Jones explains how this issue is no longer a wedge in the so-called culture wars.

Rachel Laser,
president of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Robert P. Jones Ph.D., CEO and Founder of the Public Religion Research Institute.

Rachel Laser, courtesy Rachel Laser

Rachel Laser
courtesy Rachel Laser

Robert P. Jones, courtesy PRRI

Robert P. Jones
courtesy PRRI

Thousands  rally at Brookly Museum for Black trans lives image by Lucas Brady Woods, (@lucasinthewoods on Twitter)

Rally for Black trans lives at Brooklyn Museum June 19, 2020
 Lucas Brady Woods, @lucasinthewoods

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