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Sister Helen Prejean
The Death Penalty and The Divine: A Conversation With Sister Helen Prejean
November 29, 2019
Sister Helen Prejean, who galvanized the anti-death penalty movement, has published a new book on her call to religious life and the passion that fuels her activism.
Book jacket of River of Fire, a memoir from Sister Helen Prejean
Dead Man Walking, The Prequel November 29, 2019
We talk to Sister Helen Prejean, whose memoir, Dead Man Walking, was the inspiration for the hit movie of the same name. Her new book, River of Fire, chronicles the spiritual journey that led her to become perhaps the world's best-known advocate for the abolition of the death penalty. We hear her take on women in the Roman Catholic Church today, and how they're faring with Pope Francis at the helm. She also offers us her prescription for hope in chaotic times.

Sister Helen Prejean, author of River of Fire
Mark Tooley, president of the Institute for Religion and Democracy
A Different Christian View of the Death Penalty November 29, 2019
Though many Christians root their opposition to the death penalty in their Christian faith, many supporters do the same. We hear from Mark Tooley, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute on Religion and Democracy, who says that most major Christian denominations in history have seen capital punishment as part of God’s design for humanity. 

Mark Tooley, president of the The Institute for Religion and Democracy