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An Inspired Story Slam: One Family, Many Beliefs
December 25, 2021
We take a look back at our first-ever live show, we explore the beauty and chaos that comes with having a diverse family. 
An Inspired Story Slam: One Family, Many Beliefs December 25, 2021
We set the stage with an interview with Susan Katz Miller, author of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family. When two people of different religions get married, the traditional wisdom from religious institutions has been to pick one tradition to raise the kids in. Otherwise, things get too confusing. But our guest says it's important for both children and parents to have religious literacy across traditions, and that couples shouldn't be afraid to incorporate both faiths into their family life.

We continue our live show with three storytellers. Susan Katz Miller kicks us off with the stories of interfaith unions in her family. Then, audience member Roy Lykes tells the tale of finding family in a stranger and uncovering their shared past. Last, our featured storyteller Lubna "Luby" Ismail recalls her struggle to square her Egyptian and American identities.

Roy Lykes
We continue with more storytellers. First, featured storyteller David Dashifen "Dash" Kees tells us about getting married, as a pagan person and to a Catholic. Then, audience member, Sandy Marse shares her story about a young man who becomes like a son to her, and their enduring connection even when he moves back home, on the other side of the globe. Finally, audience member Sujata Lamba tells us about growing up Hindu and planning the wild weddings of her daughters, who marry into Jewish and Christian families.

Sujata Lamba

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