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Is Gen Z rejecting interfaith?
November 16, 2018
Young people are increasingly identifying with multiple religious traditions or none at all, and that's changing how they approach interfaith connections.  
Courtesy Reimagining Interfaith
Young people's shifting religious identities inspire changing face of interfaith November 16, 2018
Leaders say if the interfaith movement is going to stay relevant, it needs to change and adapt to the needs of younger generations, who are increasingly identifying with multiple religious identities or don't affiliate with faith traditions at all. Hundreds of religious leaders and faith-based advocates recently gathered at George Washington University in Washington DC to wrestle with the task of "Reimagining Interfaith" to meet these needs.

Susan Katz Miller, interfaith activist and author of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family 
The Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson, Minister for Racial Justice with Justice and Witness Ministries in the National setting of the United Church of Christ
Tahil Sharma, communications lead for Reimagining Interfaith conference 
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Creating ‘brave spaces’ on campus for interfaith dialogue November 16, 2018
New research shows that most incoming college students these days believe in the value of interfaith dialogue and they’re pursuing it on their own terms. But when it comes to more formal interfaith work, they’re not picking up the mantle. Is that because these spaces aren’t welcoming or the spaces don’t exist in the first place? New research could offer skittish college facilitators some guidance on creating these “brave spaces” for challenging, respectful interfaith conversations to happen on campus.

Matthew Mayhew, professor in educational administration at Ohio State University, designer of the IDEALS (Interfaith Diversity Experiences and Attitudes Longitudinal Survey), and author of “Best Practices for Interfaith Learning and Development in the First Year of College” report
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Organization helps college admins, 'interfaith champions' see common goals November 16, 2018
Best practices for building interfaith spaces attractive to younger generations are only as good as the people implementing them. So how do colleges and universities get more so-called "interfaith champions" in their midsts? And how can they speak the language that cuts through university bureaucracy? One organization is trying to help schools and interfaith advocates see their mutual goals by improving “the institutional policies and practices that support the religious, secular and spiritual identities of students.”

Cody Nielsen, founder and executive director of Convergence on Campus, Inc.