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Good Muslim, Bad Muslim | The Friendly Atheist | OMGWTFBIBLE
Millennial Podcasters Discuss Animal Sacrifice, Leaving Religion, and "Creeping Sharia"
April 06, 2016
As young Americans move away from religion, we explore why they seem to be drawn to new podcasts exploring faith. Plus, what happens when religious practices clash with the environment?
Zahra Noorbakhsh, Jessica Bluemke, and David Tuchman
Young Podcast Hosts Aren't Afraid to Talk Frankly about Faith April 07, 2016
They talk about atheism, issue fatwas, and weigh in on biblical fashion. Nothing is off limits for a crop of young podcasters with shows about religion. As young Americans are becoming less religious, we ask three podcast hosts why they think their podcasts resonate.

Zahra Noorbakhsh, co-host of Good Muslim, Bad Muslim
Jessica Bluemke, co-host of the Friendly Atheist
David Tuchman, host of OMGWTFBIBLE

Beacon Press
When God Isn't Green April 07, 2016
What happens when your religious practice clashes with environmental protection? Palm Sunday celebrations require palm fronds that may come from shrinking rain forests. Buddhists who practice the “mercy release” of small animals often release them into inappropriate habitats, where they prey on native animals and can destroy ecosystems. In India, toxic lead-covered statues of the Hindu God Ganesh are thrown into the sea. Professor and author Jay Wexler traveled the world observing these religious rituals to understand their complexities, and to ponder how society should address them.

Jay Wexler, professor of law at Boston University and author of When God Isn't Green