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Terror Groups Profit from Looting Ancient Religious Sites
March 03, 2016
We map out the destruction and looting of ancient religious sites by extremist groups in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
Guillaume Piolle | Wikimedia
Ancient Religious Sites Destroyed by Extremists March 03, 2016
ISIS and other terror groups have found a new weapon: the mass destruction and looting of invaluable cultural and religious sites. Referred to as cultural cleansing, this type of terrorism acts as propaganda, even as a recruitment tool. And, a little-known fact, the looted goods are sometimes sold on the black market -- sometimes for millions of dollars -- lining the pockets of violent extremists. One group trying to protect these treasures is The Antiquities Coalition. They just released a new weapon of their own: the interactive Culture Under Threat Map. 

Deborah Lehr, Founder and Chair of The Antiquities Coalition
Katie A. Paul, anthropologist and Chief of Staff of The Antiquities Coalition

Michael Vadon and Gage Skidmore | Wikimedia
Faith Factor: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump March 03, 2016
Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump couldn't differ more on policy. But when it comes to religion, they have something in common. Sanders, who is a Jewish Democratic Socialist, and Trump, who is a Republican Presbyterian, are viewed as the most secular candidates in the field. The Vermont senator and the boisterous businessman are the subjects of this week's "Faith Factor" series, which looks at how religion is being used-- or not-- in the race for the White House.

Learn more: Paul Heintz on Bernie Sanders at Liberty University and Sarah Posner on "Trumpvangelism."

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Paul Heintz, political editor at Seven Days
Sarah Posner, freelance reporter