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Credit: U.S. Senate
A Prayer for Sanity in Congress, My Mother the Witch, and More
October 17, 2013
Summary: The Sentate Chaplain shares his morning sermons from the federal shutdown, and from Wiccan love child to Orthodox Jew: a memoir of a strange childhood.
Credit: Larry Lamsa | Flickr
God and Gridlock: Senate Chaplain Barry Black October 17, 2013
Every morning in the Senate begins with a prayer, delivered by Reverend Barry Black. As the government shutdown wore on and the debt limit loomed, Rev. Black didn't waste the opportunity to gently reprimand the Senators with prayers like this one: "We acknowledge our transgressions, our shortcomings, our smugness, our selfishness and our pride."

Reverend Barry Black, U.S. Senate Chaplain
Credit: Courtesy of Joshua Safran
From Wiccan Love Child to Orthodox Jew October 17, 2013
Joshua Safran was born in 1975 into a coven of witches. That included his mother, who was determined to keep her son out of the mainstream and off the grid. He spent his early childhood as a nomad, living everywhere from communes to old vans. One day he discovered he was Jewish, and after years of wandering, he finally felt he had found a home.

Read an excerpt from the book.

Joshua Safran, author of Free Spirit: Growing up on the Road and Off the Grid