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Morals and the Self-Righteous Mind, The Handwritten Bible, and More
June 13, 2013
Summary: Why it’s so hard to see other points of points of view, Coptic Christians and desert mystics, and the Handwritten Bible: copied with care for  4 years.
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Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion June 13, 2013
If you’ve ever gotten into a moral argument with someone and thought your sparring partner just didn’t get it--well, you're probably right. The problem is, you probably didn’t get it, either. A professor of moral psychology explains why it’s so easy to dismiss people who think differently from us.

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Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion
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The Copts: Nurturing Jesus in the Deserts of Egypt June 13, 2013
For Coptic Christians, the story of Christianity is rooted in Egypt--where the young Jesus was nurtured and protected from the tyrant ruler King Herod. They’ve lived there since biblical times, often dwelling in the dusty caverns of the desert.

Pictured: Saint Menas, a 6th-century Coptic icon.

James Cowan, author of Fleeing Herod: A Journey Through Coptic Egypt with the Holy Family

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The Handwritten Bible June 13, 2013
Seven years after he first got the idea, Phillip Patterson finally completed a seemingly impossible task: to hand-copy the entire Christian Bible. He wrote in cursive for four years, sometimes for 14 hours a day, enduring the death of his partner and an ongoing struggle with AIDS. On May 11th, he finished, copying the last two verses of the Book of Revelation. His favorite passage in the entire Bible? "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

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Phillip Patterson, creator of the Handwritten Bible