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Maureen at Unity Walk
Unity Walk 2012  
09-12-2012Maureen's Corner
By Maureen Fiedler It’s probably the easiest way to be served cookies and iced tea at the Vatican Embassy:  do the annual Unity Walk in Washington, DC.   This event is part of an annual public wit...

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI Prepares to Embark on High-Risk Trip to Lebanon  
09-12-2012From around the web
BY ALESSANDRO SPECIALE | VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Benedict XVI embarks Friday (Sept. 14) on a high-risk trip to Lebanon, as the country's stability is threatened by spillover from the conflict in neighboring Syria....

How the Lord’s Prayer Saved a 9/11 Survivor  
09-11-2012From around the web
BY KAY CAMPBELL | HUNTSTVILLE, Ala. (RNS) For John Mahony, a retired U.S. Army colonel who was managing projects for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, instinct came before analysis as he fought to stay on his feet the morning o...

Green Lantern
DC Comics Introduces New Muslim Superhero  
09-10-2012From around the web
BY OMAR SACIRBEY (RNS) Green was the favorite color of Islam’s founder Prophet Muhammad, so it seems fitting that the world’s latest Muslim superhero has joined the small but diverse circle of superheroes ...

Credit: RNS
Unification Church Founder Sun Myung Moon Dies at 92  
09-05-2012From around the web
BY DANIEL BURKE  (RNS) The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, revered as a messiah within his Unification Church but regarded by many others as a vain and enigmatic man who blessed mass weddings, built a sprawling business emp...

Dinner with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)  
09-04-2012Maureen's Corner
By Maureen Fiedler On Sunday evening, September 2nd, I was honored to attend, as an invitee, an interfaith banquet sponsored by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).   It was part of their larger nati...

Credit: Wikimedia | Matthew Trump
Amish Fringe Group Wants The Word ‘Cult’ to Be Banned From Hate-Crime Trial  
08-16-2012From around the web
BY BRANDON BLACKWELL | CLEVELAND (RNS) Members of a fringe Amish group charged with committing hate crimes against fellow Amish have requested that certain words, including "cult," "splinter" and &...