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Our hand-picked mix of compelling news stories, commentaries from Maureen, and important updates about the show.
Public Domain | Wikimedia Commons
Maureen on Anti-Semitism vs. Opposition to Israeli Policies  
03-10-2015Maureen's Corner
Maureen reflects on her recent experience on an interfaith panel, where she discussed the difference between anti-Semitism and opposition to Israeli policies. ...

Illegitimate Barrister | Wikimedia Commons
Boko Haram pledges loyalty to brutal Islamic State  
03-09-2015From around the web
By KATHARINE LACKEY (RNS) Boko Haram’s leader has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in a new audio message, according to a group that monitors extremist activity. In the recording, a man claiming ...

Robert | Flickr
‘Dig’ digs into the Bible — but is it ‘true’?  
03-06-2015From around the web
By KIMBERLY WINSTON (RNS) Breathlessly describing his new USA Network series “Dig” in a promo, leading man Jason Isaacs promises “everything is based on reality and true.” To a point. ...

Mike Mozart | Flickr
Applebee’s not liable for N.J. man burned while praying over fajita skillet  
03-05-2015From around the web
By CHRISTOPHER BAXTER | TRENTON, N.J. c. 2015 The Star-Ledger (RNS) A New Jersey man cannot collect damages for burns he suffered while bowing his head in prayer over a sizzling steak fajita skillet at Appl...

James Russiello | Wikimedia Commons
Our Lady of Revenue: NYC churches go on the market, leaving parishioners cynical  
03-04-2015From around the web
By RICK HAMPSON | NEW YORK  c. 2014 USA Today (RNS) Our Lady of Vilnius Church, built by families of immigrant Lithuanian longshoremen, started out a century ago as a beloved worship space. Now, it&rsq...

Malcolm Boyd Archives
Malcolm Boyd, the overlooked gay activist who pushed boundaries  
03-04-2015From around the web
By JAY MICHAELSON (RNS) The Rev. Malcolm Boyd, who died on Friday (Feb. 27) at the age of 91, lived three lives — each extraordinary. More extraordinary still is how he gave each up for the next. F...

Wikimedia Commons
Maureen on the Reign of the Legion of Decency in Hollywood  
03-02-2015Maureen's Corner
Maureen remembers a time when Catholic morals controlled Hollywood. ...