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Fredrick Nwzili
Kenya cracks down on al-Shabab funding and recruitment after Garissa attack  
By FREDRICK NZWILI | NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) Faced with a fierce enemy driven by Muslim extremist ideology, the government has cracked down on funding for al-Shabab, the Somali group that claimed responsibility...

‘Grace Notes': The quiet unshakable faith of Hillary Clinton (COMMENTARY)  
By BURNS STRIDER | WASHINGTON (RNS) Late on a Saturday night in 2012, I received word from my sister in Mississippi that my mamma had passed away. My home was silent as my wife and two boys slept u...

Interfaith Shabbat
Is the US a model of interfaith harmony for a violent world?  
By DAVID GIBSON | NEW YORK (RNS) Is religion the cause of so much of the violence racking today’s world? Or is faith just one of many factors? Or collateral damage? Those are tough questions, the k...

David Shankbone | Wikimedia Commons
Why Lena Dunham isn’t so funny  
By JEFFREY SALKIN (RNS) OK, I admit it: I laughed. At first. I’m referring to Lena Dunham’s piece in The New Yorker, in which she listed a number of statements and challenged readers...

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence: ‘Not going to change’ religious freedom law  
By RICHARD WOLF c. 2015 USA Today Indiana Gov. Mike Pence defended his state’s new religious freedom law Sunday (March 29) while refusing to say if it would allow discrimination against gays and lesbians. ...

Diego Cambiaso | Flickr
Obama to host Pope Francis at White House in September  
By DAVID GIBSON (RNS) President Obama will welcome Pope Francis to the White House during the pontiff’s U.S. visit in September to “continue the dialogue … on their shared values and commitment...

Joshua Kirby | Flickr
N.J. to Archdiocese of Newark: Get out of the headstone business  
By MARK MUELLER | NEWARK, N.J.  c. 2015 The Star-Ledger The Archdiocese of Newark, the largest single provider of in-ground burials in New Jersey, must give up a lucrative companion business — th...