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Religion on Campus: Two Tales from Two Colleges
August 24, 2017
As we enter the back-to-school season, we're exploring how religion plays out on two very different college campuses--Liberty University and Duke University.
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Kevin Roose: 'Going Undercover' at Liberty University August 24, 2017
In 2009, Kevin Roose, a self proclaimed "God-ambivalent" senior at an ivy league college, decided to spend a semester at Liberty University, the largest evangelical Christian university in the world. What he found was surprising-- from a strict three-second hugging rule, to science tests featuring Noah's ark-- but he also found genuine connections with his fellow students. From 2010. 

Kevin Roose, author of The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University 
Reacting After the Reveal August 24, 2017
So what did students and faculty at Liberty University think of Kevin's time undercover and the book he later published? We talked to Brian Colas, the student body president at the time Kevin was there. From 2010.

Brian Colas is a senior management consultant in Washington, D.C. 
Duke, Muslims, and the Limits of Interfaith Unity August 24, 2017
In January 2015, Duke University quietly announced it would begin broadcasting the Muslim call to prayer from its Christian chapel. It was meant as a gesture of interfaith solidarity, though not requested by Muslim students themselves. A few days later, after an outcry by evangelist Franklin Graham and others, the historically Methodist school decided to pull the plug, saying the idea was “not having the intended effect.” And that’s when the story got kind of crazy. Interview from 2015.

Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist
Nihad Awad, Executive Director and Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations
Isaac Weiner, author of Religion Out Loud: Religious Sound, Public Space, and American Pluralism

On January 16, 2015, hundreds of students stood near Duke's Chapel to show their support for Muslim students and the broadcasting of the Muslim call to prayer.
Credit: via Twitter, Connie Ma/@ironypoisoning
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Podcast Extra: A Former Skinhead Speaks Out August 25, 2017
We have a lot of questions about the rising visibility of white supremacy. What draws people to these ideologies? And what can get them out? For some answers, we turn to Frank Meeink. He became a skinhead at 13, and by 16 he had become one of the most notorious skinhead gang leaders on the East Coast. Today he is a speaker on tolerance, and the author of Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead. He spoke to Elaine Baumgartel in 2010 for Peace Talks Radio. You can hear the original broadcast version here.