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Susannah George
God & Gov: Lebanon Edition and Sordid Secrets in the Vatican Bank
April 30, 2015
Summary: Maureen is back from her journey to Lebanon, and becomes our reporter on the ground for the latest installment of our God and Government series. And the Vatican Bank may be blessed by God, but it has been manipulated by the hands of men since its creation in the 1940s.
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Wikimedia Commons
Religion in the Oval Office and the Paradoxes of Faith
April 23, 2015
Summary: We look into the spiritual inclinations of our Presidential hopefuls, and uncover a few surprises, from Hillary Clinton's piety to Bobby Jindal’s brush with an exorcism in the early 90s. And Sister Joan Chittister on embracing paradox.
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eFile989 | Flickr
Why Corruption Breeds Religious Violence, Death on a Buddhist Retreat, And More
April 16, 2015
Summary: Bribes in exchange for drivers licenses. Sex in exchange for fair trials. Why corruption--the misuse of public office for personal gain--rouses religious extremism. Plus, nirvana gone awry: the death of Ian Thorson.
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Jamie | flickr
Debating the Right to Die, A Musical Ode to the Sikh New Year, and More
April 09, 2015
Summary: At the end of our lives, if suffering is profound, should we be able to choose how and when we go? Two priests weigh in: one calls it suicide, the other, dying with dignity. And an in-studio performance of Sikh hymns.
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Justin Eagan | Wikimedia Commons
Two Views on Indiana's Religious Freedom Law, Radical Forgiveness, and More
April 01, 2015
Summary: Is it the anti-gay bill? The religious liberty law? Two sides debate the true intentions of Indiana's controversial religious freedom act. And Jeanne Bishop explains her decision to forgive her sister's killer.
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