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Credit: Omar A | flickr
With God on Our Side: From Rivalry to Reconciliation
June 05, 2013
Summary: If your religion teaches that there's only one true path to God, how can other faiths also be right? This week: a documentary special about struggling for common ground.
Credit: Wilson Alfonso
Searching for the Roots of Religious Prejudice June 05, 2013
If Jews are the chosen people, what about Christians? If Christians know the way and the truth and the light, what about Muslims? And if Muslims say their truth stands out clear from error, are the other truths wrong? The world's great Abrahamic religions share roots that go back centuries. Yet these traditions have been locked in theological rivalries they continue to wrestle with.

This week: a special hour-long documentary, With God On Our Side: From Rivalry to Reconciliation.

Pictured: the holy city of Jersualem, with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall, and the Dome of the Rock in view.

Produced by Richard Paul for the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies