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Photo Credit: Harper Collins
We're Not the Same...And That's Okay
June 04, 2010
Stephen Prothero says the leaders of the interfaith movement have a problem: call it the Kumbaya Effect. Instead of grappling with our religious differences, he says they gloss them over, creating a ‘pretend pluralism’ that does more harm then good.
Stephen Prothero, author of God is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World -- and Why Their Differences Matter

A New Vision for Religious Pluralism

Begins at 28 min 30 sec

For Eboo Patel, interfaith dialogue begins in a soup kitchen, not around a conference table.  He gets young people of faith to do things—building houses, caring for refugees, or handing out bed nets to prevent Malaria.  They come together not in spite of their different beliefs, but because of them.
Eboo Patel, Founder and Executive Director of the Interfaith Youth Core
Rebecca Oyen and Amy McNair, Core Members and Tony Blair Faiths Act Fellows 

Commentary: The Legacy of Agent Orange

Begins at 39 min 30 sec

One of the most disturbing legacies of the Vietnam War is Dioxin, the poisonous chemical in Agent Orange.  Dioxin has translated into hundreds of thousands of children born with birth defects, including Ly, a bright 8-year-old almost certainly deformed by the poison.  Maureen shares her thoughts on Ly and other children she visited in Vietnam, where she traveled as part of an interfaith delegation investigating the effects of Agent Orange.  Read more about Maureen's trip at her blog for the National Catholic Reporter.
Maureen Fiedler, Host

Green Faith

Begins at 46 min 15 sec
Jonathan Merritt tossed trash out his car window and left loving the planet to liberals.  That is, until he had an epiphany in a Southern Baptist seminary class, and decided that environmentalism isn’t just about politics - it’s about God’s plan.  In his new book, Merritt traces the split between conservative Christians and environmentalism, and explains how Christians can go green without giving up conservative values.