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Courtesy Priscilla Martinez
The Green Sheep of the Congregation April 19, 2019
Our guest panelists represent three faiths – Islam, Judaism and Buddhism – and share stories from the intersection of faith and environmental advocacy. They say they know it can feel lonely to be the “green sheep” of the congregation, the one who stands up and asks that more attention be paid to the environment. But they also say that religion – all religions – give followers a framework for speaking uncomfortable truths and connecting belief to action. They also tackle eco-anxiety, the fear of environmental chaos that too often, they say, leads to inaction.

Joelle Novey, director of the D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia chapter of Interfaith Power & Light
Priscilla Martinez, blogger for Salam Mama sustainable living and member of the Interfaith Power & Light steering committee 
Kristin Barker, director of One Earth Sangha 

The water bottles made available during Ramadan. (Courtesy Priscilla Martinez) 

An Interfaith Power & Light demonstration in Baltimore, protesting the dependency on fossil fuels. (Courtesy Joelle Novey)