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Uighur girl at Hotan market. Image courtesy of Preston Rhea
Religious Freedom: A Global Assessment October 04, 2019
We've been talking about religious restrictions on Israeli Jews within Israel. What about the rest of the world? In 90 percent of countries, religious freedom is written into law. But 90 percent of countries engage in some sort of religious discrimination. So reports Roger Finke, director of the Association of Religion Data Archives, a resource for faith-related data from around the globe. Finke, a professor of sociology, religious studies and international affairs at The Pennsylvania State University, fills us in on how religious freedom is protected, and thwarted, in nations that are religious, secular and everything in between. And we ask him about the United States, which used to lead the world as a guarantor of religious liberty. Does it still?

Roger Finke, professor at The Pennsylvania State University, director of the Association of Religion Data Archives

Roger Finke