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Policy, Prayer, and the Presidency April 23, 2015
This week, we find out how private religious convictions have shaped monumental public policies over the years, and get up to speed on the spiritual inclinations of the new batch of hopefuls. Just a few of the revelations: Hillary Clinton's quiet Methodism is "rock solid," Marco Rubio has been a Catholic, a Mormon and an Evangelical, and Bobby Jindal had a brush with an exorcism in the early 90s.

Kevin Eckstrom, editor-in-chief of Religion News Service
Gary Scott Smith, author of 
Religion in the Oval Office: The Religious Lives of American Presidents

A bit of trivia: The phrase God Bless America wasn't always the closer on presidential speeches. In fact, Richard Nixon was the first modern president to use the phrase, in an attempt to do damage control after the Watergate scandal: