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Natalie Jackson, Ph.D. Image courtesy PRRI
New Poll Sheds Light on the Nuances of Vaccine Hesitancy and Refusal April 30, 2021
A new report from the Public Religion Research Institute sheds light on the role of faith-based efforts in combating vaccine hesitancy. Director of Research Natalie Jackson shares key findings on the relationship between one’s faith identity and attitude about the Covid-19 vaccine. Jackson also breaks down the difference between vaccine hesitancy among people of color, specifically Christians of color versus hesitancy between white Evangelicals and Republicans, and what religious interventions might sway those who are hesitant.

We close with another conversation checking in with Pastor Diana three weeks after our initial meeting.  She shares how the pause in the  Johnson and Johnson vaccine has had a negative impact.  Many express fears about getting side effects now from the second vaccine. In her view, the most effective way to reach her neighbors is with trusted leaders.

Natalie Jackson, Ph.D. Director of Research at PRRI. Ph.D. in political science from the University of Oklahoma and a postdoctoral associate at the Duke University Initiative on Survey Methodology.