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Dr. Shana Sippy Ph.D. Image courtesy Shana Sippy
It’s More than Fun Games...Traditions, Culture and Control August 06, 2021
Summer camps are not just about fun and games according to Dr. Shana Sippy,.They are, more broadly speaking, immersive and unique experiences that quickly create an ethos and culture that allow for the transmission of tradition, morality, and beliefs.  In this conversation, she offers some history and context on the Hindu camping movement and underscores the role that different institutions play from local Temples to transnational ideological movements that have political agendas and interests in shaping a younger generation.  Next year, New York University Press will be publishing her book, Diasporic Desires: Making Hindus and the Cultivation of Longing which details Sippy's research on the powerful role Hindu camps and weekend schools have in transmitting identity, and their impact on the broader culture.

Shana Sippy, Ph.D. Assistant professor of religion at Center College in Danville KY. Co-director of ReligionsMN and consultant for the public television series Sacred Minnesota. She earned a masters of theological studies from Harvard Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in religious studies from Columbia University.

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