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Druids, Stonehenge, and the Winter Solstice December 17, 2014
On December 21st, the north pole of our planet will be tilted farther away from the sun than on any other day of the year, making it the shortest and darkest day in the Northern Hemisphere. For modern Druids and other neo-pagans, it’s one of the most sacred days of the year, a time to honor the mystery and power of the natural world.

Pictured: (above) Arthur Pendragon leads a solstice celebration at Stonehenge. Below: a sunset over Stonehenge during the winter solstice of 2004.

credit: Vicky WJ, Flickr

Arthur Uther Pendragon
, Battle Chieftain of the Council of British Druid Orders
John Michael Greer, Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America

Watch Arthur Uther Pendragon reflecting on living in the woods, magic, and King Arthur groupies.