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Poster for The Ballymurphy Precedent. Image courtesy of Callum Macrae
Confronting the Past at Ballymurphy November 15, 2019
We talk to filmmaker Callum Macrae about The Troubles, the low-level war that rocked Northern Ireland for much of the latter half of the 20th century. Macrae’s film, The Ballymurphy Precedent, which recently premiered in the U.S., tells the story of the little-known 1971 killings of 11 Catholics in Ballymurphy, a poor neighborhood in West Belfast. Macrae sets the context for the documentary: a political dispute over who should rule Northern Ireland that pitted Catholics against Protestants. He relates the violence at Ballymurphy to the much better-known Bloody Sunday Massacre of 1972, in which the British Army killed 14 Catholics. Decades later, an inquiry concluded that the Bloody Sunday killings were unjustified, and the British government apologized. But nearly half a century after the carnage at Ballymurphy, says Macrae, the families of 11 victims still wait for their apology.

Callum Macrae, director of The Ballymurphy Precedent

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Portrait of Callum Macrae

Callum Macrae