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Carolyn Jessop: Running from the "God Squad" November 20, 2017
Carolyn Jessop is a sixth-generation descendant of one of the most powerful religious families in Utah. Born into a radical sect called the Fundamentalist Church of the Latter Day Saints, they follow a self-styled version of the Mormon faith that includes practices now outlawed by the mainstream church, including polygamy.  At age 18, Jessop says she was forced to become the fourth wife of a man 40 years her senior, Merril Jessop. Together they had eight children. In 2003, she fled with all of her children in the middle of the night, outrunning her husband and the local church police, known as "the God Squad." She told her tale to Maureen in 2008.

Since our interview, Jessop has re-married and has written another book about her experience, Triumph: Life After the Cult, a Survivor's Lessons. She still lives in Utah.

Carolyn Jessop, author of Escape