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The Archbishop of Canterbury and The Supreme Governor of the Church of England (Queen Elizabeth Ii)
Power and Pain: The Legacy of the British Empire
September 15, 2022
As the United Kingdom mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, around the globe a new generation is calling for a reckoning.
Shreena Niketa Gandhi, Ph.D.
"Missionaries were often a part of the colonial enterprize” September 15, 2022
Ambereen Khan talks with historian and religious studies professor Dr. Shreena N Gandhi about the legacy of the British Empire and the mixed reactions as King Charles III assumed leadership of the British Crown. Gandhi brings insights from her scholarship and research examining the intersection of race, religion, and empire to decode the headlines.

Dr. Gandhi describes how her grandfather’s spirituality and questions sparked her early interest in studying the relationship between religion, and how her family’s unique lineage is rooted in several lands once colonized by the British Empire.  Reflecting on the struggle to confront colonized thinking both on a personal level and within institutions, Gandhi offers observations on the challenges that persist in higher education and acknowledges the ongoing challenges to reckoning with systems built to reinforce and support supremacist beliefs.

Shreena Niketa Gandhi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in the Religious Studies Department at Michigan State University, teaching classes on religion and race in the Americas. She has extensively studied the culture of Yoga in the United States and religious seeking in the colonial and post-colonial global south.

Canadian 2¢ stamp from 1898 showing the extent of the British Empire - bearing the legend "We hold a vaster empire than has been".
Canadian 2¢ stamp from 1898
showing the extent of the British Empire - bearing
the legend "We hold a vaster empire than has been."
Catherine Wolff
Gone to God: How We Think About Heaven September 15, 2022
Producer Kimberly Winston talks with Catherine Wolff, an educator, and university chaplain, about her new book, Beyond:: How Humankind Thinks About Heaven, which was published this summer. In it, Wolff explores the history of the ways the world’s religious traditions -- large and small -- have thought about where we go when we die. Much of what she reports is inspiring and hopeful, but there are hefty doses of sexism and racism in some heavens, too. Wolff discusses how the ways groups think about heaven reflect their earthly concerns.

Catherine Wolff, Author of Beyond:: How Humankind Thinks About Heaven. She has also served as a chaplain at Stanford University.

Beyond:: How Humankind Thinks About Heaven
Beyond:: How Humankind Thinks About Heaven
Riverhead Books

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