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Pro and anti-abortion protest signs in front of the United States Supreme Court.
A Complicated Choice - Abortion, Stigma, and Religion
May 21, 2022
Rev. Katey Zeh of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice describes her preparations for an anticipated overturning of Roe v Wade, and Lawyer Allan Parker describes his legal ministry to overturn it.
Rev. Katey Zeh
A Seminary Student Walks Into an Abortion Clinic May 21, 2022
Before she became the leader of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, Rev. Katey Zeh was a seminary student who volunteered to provide spiritual support to women having abortions. The ordained American Baptist minister shares what she discovered about herself and how that shaped her ministry and life’s calling.  

Rev. Zeh then describes how her organization is preparing for an anticipated overturning of the landmark case that legalized abortion and guaranteed women a right to privacy.

Rev. Katey Zeh. Ordained Baptist minister and the Chief Executive Officer of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. She has written for many outlets including the Washington Post, Sojourners, Religion News Services, Rewire, and Religion Dispatches. Rev. Katey is the co-host of the Kindreds podcast and the author, most recently of A Complicated Choice: Making Space for Grief and Healing in the Pro-Choice Movement.

"A Complicated Choice" by Rev. Katey Zeh, Broad Leaf Books

A Complicated Choice
Broad Leaf Books
Allan Parker, courtesy The Justice Foundation.
'We Don't Go Into Religion" - Rev. Alan Parks' 'Ministry' Against Abortion May 21, 2022
Lawyer Allan Parker of the Justice Foundation describes his work representing women who have had abortions and his legal ministry working to overturn the laws that legalize abortion.

Alian Parker. President of the Justice Foundation.

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