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Make Your Voice Heard on High: Prayer and Fasting in a Time of Loss
March 10, 2022
We explore the benefits of prayer, fasting, sacrifice, and reflection with best-selling author and Father James Martin, and Jack Gordon, host of the radio show “Interfaith-ish.”
Learning to Pray
Everyone Can Pray: Father James Martin on Talking to God March 10, 2022
In his new book, “Learning to Pray,” Jesuit priest and bestselling author Father James Martin charts an approach to prayer that is not just for Catholics, or even for Christians, but is for everyone. He describes the solace prayer can bring in tough times, like our current pandemic, and acknowledges that prayer, like anything, takes commitment, practice, and perseverance.

The Rev. James Martin, S.J., Jesuit priest, author, and editor at large at America magazine.
Jack Gordon at WOWD Takoma Park Radio
The Fasting Rituals and Prayer Life of Baha'i Jack Gordon March 10, 2022
interfaith activist Jack Gordon was raised Jewish but migrated to the Bahá'í faith in his early adulthood. Currently in the middle of a 19-day period of fasting, prayer, and study, he talks about how the Bahá’i tenet of the oneness of all human beings and the value of all faiths speaks to the pandemic and this time of loss. Last year Gordon hosted a series of 19 virtual Instagram Live conversations after breaking the fast at sunset.  He has invited interfaith collaborators to reflect on the meaning of a passage from the Hidden Words, a book of verses written in 1858 by the faith’s founder, Bahá’u’llah.

Jack Gordon, Professional media producer, and photographer. He is the host of Interfaith-ish on WOWD 94.3 FM in Takoma Park MD and served for seven years on the Board of the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington as a representative for the DC area Bahá’í community.

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