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Pills. Photograph by flickr user The Javorac, shared under a Creative Commons By Attributon 4.0 license.
Calling for Dignity: Ending the Stigma of Addiction
July 23, 2021
Three guests with first-hand experience of the destruction addiction causes to individuals, families, and communities discuss what can be done to erase the stigma of addiction.
Photo courtesy Rev. Steve Lane
The Gift of Sobriety: The Spiritual Side of Recovery July 23, 2021
Rev. Steve Lane is both an Episcopal priest and a recovering addict, a two-sided identity that gives him special insight into addiction recovery that he uses in his capacity as president of  Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal church. He says that while spirituality is essential to recovery, religion is not. “Our goal is not to make everybody Episcopalian,” he says in this segment. “It is to help people on their own faith journey, whatever that might be.”

Rev.Steve Lane. Pastor of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Buffalo NY, president of Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church.
Priest. Public Domain photograph by user istva__n_kis.
Lord, I am Not Worthy-When Addiction Comes Home July 23, 2021
Before she became a Congresswoman, Madeleine Dean was a Pennsylvania state lawmaker, attorney, college professor, and mother of a Catholic family so devout her uncle, a priest, lived with them and held Mass in their home. By middle school, son Harry Cunnane experimented with drugs and alcohol that quickly derailed his life and nearly upended his family. Dean and Cunnane discuss their new double-memoir, “Under Our Roof: A Son’s Battle for Recovery; a Mother’s Battle for Her Son,” and discuss why they wanted to share this painful chapter with the public.

When Harry was in rehab, his counselors told him to expect a “miracle” -- some moment in his recovery where the pieces would fall together, the pain would recede and he would know life after addiction was not only possible but beautiful. Cunnane and his mother, Representative Madeleine Dean describe what people of faith, like themselves, can do to break the stereotype of addicts as weak or sinful or somehow immoral and treat them like the ill people they are.

Madeleine Dean. United States Representative (D) from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. and author of Under Our Roof: A Son’s Battle for Recovery; a Mother’s Battle for Her Son, from Convergent/Penguin Random House.

Hary Cunnane. Regional resource director for Caron Treatment Centers, and co-author of Under Our Roof.

U.S. Rep. Madeleine Dean and Harry Cunnane. Photograph courtesy Simon and Schuster

U.S. Rep. Madeleine Dean and her son Harry Cunnane
Convergent/Penguin Random House

Under Our Roof-courtesy Simon and Schuster
Under Our Roof

Convergent/Penguin Random House

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