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Protesting Triump immagration policies. Amsterdam, The Netherand, January 2020. Photo by Beareice Murch, shared under a Creative Commons By Attribution 4.0 license.
Creating a Pathway for Migrants: Fearless Nuns and Interfaith Advocates Challenge Detention
July 09, 2021
This week we take a closer look at three women who are supporting immigrants through direct service and advocacy.

Catholic Sisters Joann Persch and Pat Murphy, age 85 and 90, were arrested in Washington DC for their protest against conditions in federal ICE detention facilities.   Photo credit: Heidi Shin
Fearless Nuns Determined to Help Detained Immigrants July 09, 2021
Getting arrested in the United States Capitol and lobbying their Senator to end the policy of detaining children is what two Chicago-based nuns would describe as an exciting day but not extraordinary.  That adjective is reserved to describe the resilience of migrants who have survived unspeakable events and are seeking refuge in the United States. The matter-of-fact humility and perspective come from fifty years of working to support the undocumented.  Encountering the heartache and suffering has taken a toll but they remain steadfast.  While most of their peers have retired, Sisters JoAnn Persch and Pat Murphy say they have no plans to slow down and continue to feel called to act. Although they may move slower, their passion to help others has not diminished. They explain why they feel serving others has helped each overcome their own physical challenges and ailments.

This story was reported by Heidi Shin. Special thanks to America Media and Catholic News Service for providing the protest audio. It's part of a series called Sacred Steps produced by KALW's The Spiritual Edge in collaboration with USC's Center for Religion and Civic Culture. To hear more stories like this, check out the new Spiritual Edge podcast. You can find it in your favorite podcast feed, or visit The Spiritual Edge website.
Peniel Ibe. Photo courtesy AFSC.
Interfaith Activists Push for Citizenship for All July 09, 2021
As co-chair of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, Peniel Ibe is working with advocates and activists around the country calling on lawmakers to create a path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented American residents. She explains how her work is inspired by her faith and her experience being a black immigrant from Nigeria.  In addition to her coalition work, Ibe describes her advocacy at the Quaker-affiliated American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and her work mobilizing grassroots networks to advocate for policies that challenge the incarceration systems of detention and deportation.  One new strategy that Ibe describes in detail is an emerging state-focused approach to preventing detention facilities in the states from contracting with the federal government.

Peniel Ibe. Policy engagement coordinator at AFSC’s Office of Public Policy and Advocacy. Leader of AFSC’s advocacy efforts to coordinate grassroots engagement strategies to impact policy change. She is an immigrant from Nigeria who recently relocated to the United States and is advocating for the rights of others like her.

You can read the UNHCR's Global Report for 2020 here.

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