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2021. Image by Tim Reckmann shared under a Creativ Commons By Atribution license, via Wikimedia Comons
May You Live in Interesting Times: Faith in a Pandemic
January 01, 2021
As we turn the calendar page on 2020, we asked clergy, a university chaplain, a theologian, and a spiritual director–all from different faith backgrounds–to tackle some big questions.
Social Distancing at Church. Pubic domain image by Beale AFB staff.
Roundup: What Have We Learned About Faith? January 01, 2021
Our six guests reveal what life in the pandemic has taught them about community, prayer, religious identity, resilience, and more. And while some beliefs have certainly helped many through these difficult times, it has also let some down. Leaders share what they discovered about their community and their understanding of faith in the midst of a pandemic experience?

Neil Blumofe, Senior Rabbi, Congregation Agudas Achim, Austin, Texas.

Becky Eldredge, Ignatian-Trained Spiritual Director, Retreat Facilitator, and author most recently of The Inner Chappel from Loyola Press living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Drew Hart, Professor of theology, Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Emily Scott, Pastor of St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Congregation Dreams and Visions, Baltimore, Maryland. Author of For All Who Hunger.

Varun Soni, Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

David Wolkenfeld, Senior Rabbi, Anshe Shalom B’Nai Israel, Chicago, Illinois.


Rabbi Neil Blumofe

Becky Eldredge

Professor Drew Hart

Pastor Emily Scott

Varun Soni J.D. Ph.D

Rabbi David Wolkenfeld
Cristian cross with a surgical mask on it. Public domain image via
Roundup: The Problem of Suffering January 01, 2021
In this exploration of theodicy–the problem of evil in a world created by a benevolent creator–our roundup guests tackle the age-old question anew as the global death count from COVID-19 approaches two million. The question is one that we must answer for ourselves, or, as one rabbi says, we must learn to live in the space between the question and the answer. And we look at ways the pandemic may have permanently changed how we relate to each other and to organized religion.
Candels burning in the dark. Public domain image via
Roundup: Prayers and Rituals for the New Year January 01, 2021
From breathing techniques to vesper services, hiking to confession, our panelists share prayers, rituals, spiritual exercises, and practices that they hope will bring renewal in 2021.


Our theme Breath Deep is copyright MC Yogi.

An excerpt from Seven Blessings in the Garden Districtcopyright Rabbi Blumofe–introduces the last segment of the show.

The guitar arrangement of Auld Lang Syne that starts the show performed by Jisung Lee; the piece Sovereign by Kevin MacLeod; the pieces A Certain Lightness, Bedroll, Gullwing Sailor, A Shift of Currents, and Thanoid by Blue Dot Sessions; are all shared under a Creative Commons, By Attribution 4.0 license.