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Abortion rigthts protesters ourside the Supereme Court of the United Sates.  2nd December 20212, Washington DC. Photograph by Ambereen Khan00
How Did We Get Here? On Abortion, the Fetus and Religion
December 04, 2021
We stand on the steps of the Supreme Court as Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health is heard - a major challenge to Roe v. Wade - and ask, “How did we get here?”
Interior ot The United States Supreme Court. Photograph by flickr user PointsofNoReturn shared under a Creative Commons By Attribution license.
How Did We Get Here? December 04, 2021
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Garrow traces the evolution of today’s battles over when a fetus becomes a person with rights. From 1965 when a single Connecticut clinic offered contraception and was shut down to the current abortion access challenges in Texas and Mississippi. Along the way, the focus has moved from privacy to women’s sexuality to an almost total focus on the fetus. And he underscores the role religion played in each of these developments.

David Jeffries Garrow, Ph.D.  Pulitzer Prize-winning author. He wrote the book Liberty and Sexuality: The Right to Privacy and the Making of Roe v. Wade, (Macmillan, 1994; University of California Press, 1998). He received his Ph.D. from Duke University and his undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University. He has taught at Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the City College of New York and the CUNY Graduate Center, The Cooper Union, the College of William and Mary, American University, the Emory University School of Law, and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

David Garrow, Ph.D.
courtesy David Rubin

Elizabeth Cavell. Associate Counsel for the Freedom from Religion Foundation. 

Elizabeth Cavell
courtesy Freedom From Religion
Anti-abortion rights protestors outside the Supreme Court of the United States, 2nd December 2021, Washington DC. Photograph by Ambereen Khan.
Where Are We Going? December 04, 2021
Historian David Garrow and Liz Cavell, an attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, parse the possible outcomes of the recent arguments abortion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organizations. Both emphasize the explicit religious roots of many of the challenges to Roe v. Wade is often ignored in the legal analysis.
Abortion rights protestors outside the Supreme Court of the United States, 2nd December 2021, Washington DC. Photograph by Ambereen Khan.
Do American Catholics Really Oppose Abortion? December 04, 2021
Jamie Manson, the new leader of Catholics for Choice, outlines the ways Catholic attitudes towards abortion access have changed and her group’s strategy for destigmatizing the issue for Catholics who may not be comfortable with the progressive side of the church. Manson, who is a lesbian married to another woman, also discusses the impact of her hiring at Catholics for Choice as it tries to reach more people in a church that condemns both homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

Jamie Manson. President, Catholics for Choice, and internationally recognized authority on gender equality, sexuality, and reproductive health. She received her Master of Divinity studies at Yale, studying under Sr. Margaret Farley.

Jamie L. Manson

Jamie L. Manson
courtesy Catholics for Choice

PIctures from the steps of The Supreme Court of the United States,
2nd December 2021, Washington, D.C.
Photographs by Ambereen Khan

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