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Secularism, the intersection of Church and State. Image by Wikimedia Comons user Spiridon Ion Cepleanu-v, shated  under a Creative Commons Atrigution Share Alike 4.0 license.
Secularly Speaking: How 32 Words Govern 320 Million Americans"
November 07, 2020
Professor Jacques Berlinerblau explains the U.S. brand of secularism and why so many people seem to fear or hate it. And with tensions high after the election, we return to Interfaith Voices founding host Maureen Fiedler’s discussion with jazz guitarist Stephane Wrembel who describes how music nourishes his spirit.
Jacques Berlinerblau Ph.D. Image courtesy Gergetown University
Many Different Secularisms November 07, 2020
As more Americans identify as not religious, secularism is still, in many quarters, a dirty word. Jacques Berlinerblau traces our changing attitudes towards secularism from its heyday in the mid-20th century to its current reputation as an enemy of religion.

Jacques Berlinerblau, Ph.D. Director, Center for Jewish Civilization, Rabbi Harold White Professor of Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University, and author – most recently of the forth coming book The Philip Roth We Don't Know: From #MeToo to Metempsychosis from University of Virginia Press.

Church and State sign from Women's March. Image byEdward Kimme via Wikimedia Commons and used under a Creative Commons, Atribution, Share Alike, 4.0 license.
36 Words for 320 Million People November 07, 2020
We continue our discussion with Jacques Berlinerblau. On the eve of the 2020 election, Berlinerblau looks at what American secularism may be in for in a Biden-Harris administration or a second Trump Administration.
Stephane Wrembel. Image by Casey Ryan Vock, courtesy Michelle Roche Media Relations.
We Are the Music Makers November 07, 2020
French jazz guitarist Stephane Wrembel is the musical descendant of the great master of Sinti music Django Reinhardt. In this segment from our archives, Wrembel explains how he moved from Catholicism to a more expansive spirituality through music, which he says “makes me dream.” And we check in with Interfaith Voices founding host Maureen Fiedler, who first interviewed Wrembel in 2014.

Stephane Wrembel, World-renowned jazz guitarist, and graduate of The Berklee School of Music. His latest album The Django Experiment V is available now.

Maureen Fiedler, SL. Creator and original host of the public radio show Interfaith Voices. She now lives in the Sisters of Loretto Mother House in Kentucky.

You can find the rules for the card game Spite and Malice here.

Maureen "passing the mic to Executive Producer and host Ambereen Khan

Sister Maureen Fielder (right) "passing the mic" to
Excutive Producer and Host Ambereen Khan

Stephane Wrembel's "The Django Escperiment V". Image courtesy Michelle Roche Media Relations

Stephane Wrembel's The Django Experiment V

Michelle Roche Media Relations

Our theme "Breath Deep" is copyright MC Yogi.
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Apocalypse, Bistro Fada, Prometheus, and Voice of the Desert - all copyright by our musical guest Stephane Wrembel.

Setting Pace by Blue Dot Sessions - shared under a
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Invention #1 and Better Days by The Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder - shared under a Creative Commons, By Attribution, Non-Comercial No Derivatives, Share-Alike, 4.0 license.