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Uihgur detainment camp in so called Xinjiang Autonomous Region - via Xinjiang Judicial Administrations WeChat account
Resisting Fear: Uihgur Americans Raise Voices for the Missing
February 08, 2020
We talk to Uihgur Americans working to free three million Uihgur and other ethnic minorities being held in secret prisons by the government of the Peoples Republic of China.
Rushan Abbas. Courtesy Campaign for Uygurs
A Sister’s Battle: Rushan Abbas Raises Her Voice Around the World February 08, 2020
When Rushan Abbas spoke out about the disappearance of her husband’s family in September of 2018, she never expected that her sister would pay a price. Five days after she spoke publicly, the Chinese police detained her sister, 57-year-old Dr. Gulshan Abbas. In this segment, we meet Rushan and learn about her campaign to raise awareness about mass surveillance and the imprisonment of an estimated 3 million Uihgurs and her fears about her sister’s safety.

Rushan Abbas, human rights activist and founder of Campaign for Uyghurs.

You can watch all of Ms. Abbas' remarks at the Hudson Institute here
Nurry A Turkel. Courtesy Nury A. Turkel
Nury Turkel’s Campaign to End the Persecution of the Uihgurs and Religious Persecution in The Context of Pan-Chinese Identity February 08, 2020
In this segment, we explore Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping’s political doctrine that serves both cultural and economic ambitions. We hear from experts who trace the history of religion in communist China and describe its role in the new pan-Chinese vision of General Secretary Xi. Then, we meet an American Uihgur activist and lawyer who has spent the last two decades making the case for Uihgur human rights. Turkel sees the promise of a bipartisan coalition of advocates ready to pressure the People’s Republic of China.

Ian Johnson, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and lecturer at The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies.

Mr. Johnson's audio courtesy Church Life Today, a production of  The McGrath Institute for Church Life at Notre Dame University.

Nury A. Turkel, human rights activist and founding member of Uyghur Human Rights Project.

For more information on the mass surveillance of the Uihgur people in Xinjiang, you can read these reports from Human Rights Watch. and this document from the Uyghur Human Rights Project.

In pursuit of imposing Han Chinese culture on the Uihgur people, the government of the PRC has reached in private homes to dictate what interior decor is acceptable.

WeChat is ubiquitous

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